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Why You Need These Guides

The "Minimum Threshold" Theory

I wrote these guides because I was tired of the dismissive “just lift heavy and eat big, bro” advice that gets thrown around every time someone says they have trouble getting big.

The research is clear.

Some people truly have it harder than others in terms of building muscle.

But at the same time, I also don’t buy into the idea that hardgainers are special snowflakes for whom the typical rules of training and nutrition don’t apply.

Instead, I believe that hardgainers typically need to do more than the average person to see results–that there is a certain “minimum threshold” that must be met regarding their training and nutrition before progress can be made.

Once these variables are nailed down, even the most stubborn “non-responders” are able to make progress.

And that’s precisely what I’ve done here.

So, Let Me Ask You...

What would happen if a person with normal or above-average genetics follows my hardgainer protocol?

Well, if that’s you, there’s only one way to find out…Download these free guides and try it for yourself!

I guarantee you’ll make progress like you never have before.

Because more likely than not, you’ve been getting away some sub-optimal training and nutrition practices because your genetics “smooth over” these slight mistakes.

But details matter–especially for hardgainers and especially for intermediate lifters looking to take things to the next level!

So let’s not leave anything on the table. No stone unturned.

What Are You Waiting For?

I really shouldn't be giving this out for free...

These guides are JAM-PACKED with value and put most eBooks to shame. There’s over 100 pages of quality content complete with scientific references.

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