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Much to learn, have you...

Let Me Be Your Yoda.

I know how difficult it can be to achieve the results you want. Maybe you feel like you’re too skinny and you want to build some muscle, or maybe you’ve grown tired of being Mr. “Dad-Bod” and you want to lose those love-handles…

Perhaps you’re a woman looking to go down a few sizes without losing your curves, or maybe you’re happy with your weight but you’d like to “tone up” a little…

Whatever your situation is, there’s a good chance I’ve helped someone out of your exact predicament!

If you’re ready to make a change, click the button below. Help you, I will…

Who is Online Training For?

A little learning is a dangerous thing...

Online coaching is perfectly suited for people who have a decent amount of knowledge and experience already, but are still failing to get the results they want.

Have you made progress in the past but have now reached a plateau that seems insurmountable?

Maybe you don’t need someone to hold your hand and count reps for you in the gym…

But you still can’t shake the feeling that perhaps there is something more effective you could be doing. You’re second-guessing your decisions and are paralyzed by endless self-analysis…

What you need is guidance. A mentor.

Someone who can set you on the right path and teach you the skills you need in order to reach your goals.

That’s where I come in. I will be your Yoda.

Who Do I Work With?

I help ordinary people from all over the world get fit, get strong, and look the part. Whether you’re a working parent struggling to find time for yourself, or a busy college student, I’ve got time-tested systems ready to go for you.

Want to build some muscle? I can make that happen.

But don’t take my word for it, check out my awesome client, Carolyn.

​She’s up 9 pounds and looking better than ever!

Online training with Kevin is a nice balance of learning and lifting! Whether you’re a gym goer or not, if you have fitness goals, or lack the motivation, or don’t even know where to begin – Kevin is your guy.”

-Carolyn M.

​Want to lose weight and get stronger? No problem!

Again, you don’t need to take my word for it. Danielle is well on her way towards deadlifting 250 lbs!

“I wanted to lose weight and improve my strength but was making no progress on my own. I even had my thyroid checked because I thought something was wrong…”

At first I was worried about being held accountable and being scrutinized for everything I ate or every workout I missed, but I soon found that Kevin is 100% non-judgmental. He always offers encouragement when he sees me slacking or not following the plan. Since working with Kevin I have improved my form drastically, lost over 50 pounds, and have become noticeably stronger in most of my major lifts.

-Danielle W.

Here's a few words from Dave, a competitive powerlifter I worked with...

This may be a potato pic, but Dave is no couch potato!

As a competitive powerlifter, he has helped me with my dieting and performance needs. With his tips, I was able to hit my goal weight and not feel like a corpse on my diet. My training always felt top notch and I was able to perform my best for my competitions.

– Dave Bolanos

What I Expect From You

I do have some specific requirements for those who are interested in working with me. 

You need to be…

The guides and instructions I send you will be extremely detailed and thorough. You must be willing to take the time to learn and carefully apply the skills I will teach you. By the end of our time together, my goal is for YOU to be the expert of your own health and fitness. In order for that to happen, you need to be willing to give your health and fitness your full attention during our time together. No half measures!

Results take time. If you are after “quick fixes,” crash diets, or short-term solutions, we’re not going to be a good fit.

If you still think you have what it takes after reading the above, see below for the different packages I offer…

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The Coaching Process

Here's What a Few More of My Clients Have to Say...

“I hired Kevin to help me lose weight and build muscle for my CrossFit events. I was nervous about the cost and my ability to stay consistent, but with the guidance and encouragement Kevin provides, it turned out to be a bargain! Following his program, I have lost weight since the beginning, even though I have not been perfectly consistent. I’m down 15 lbs, 5 inches on my waist, way less bloated, and eating more then I did before.”

-Chavonne B.

"I've never worked with an online trainer before, so I was excited to get started working with Kevin. He provided me excellent advice that worked (focus on counting calories + walking, hit muscles multiple times / week) and an intuitive system for tracking progress. Since working with Kevin, I've managed to lose 5% off my body fat percentage and gain over 5 pounds of muscle (as per DEXA scans before and after). I'm looking forward to continuing the relationship until I meet my long term goals!"
- Matt W.
“Kevin has been very helpful getting me started with a physical conditioning program for table tennis. As an 82 year old senior citizen, I had long neglected my body. As a result, my mobility was limited and lacked the strength to attack with the force required to be a winner. I still have a long way to go, but Kevin has put me in the right direction and I can now envision being physically superior to my octogenarian competitors.”
- Jim Chase

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Working with Kevin, I was able to lose weight, gain strength, and more importantly, gain knowledge about how to do basic strength training in the gym and how to pick the right foods for weight loss. I wasn’t sure if this would work since we never met in person and the training was 100% online, but Kevin used video analysis of my lifts and left comments in my workout log to help keep me on track. I also like how he gave me specific guidance on how to improve my food log each week.

“I have to say I had no expectations whatsoever before my consultation. I had some questions in mind due to my research in the past year or so but frankly didn’t know what to expect. I have to say I was really impressed by the variety of topics we were able to cover including diet, sleep, training routine, supplements… I am a fan of evidence based fitness and nutrition advice and my consultation really delivered. It was great and informative but the main point was that it was coming from someone sharing some of my hard gaining struggles and therefore it was quite relevant. I do follow a lot of the names in the industry but they don’t seem to have any trouble putting on weight and pumping muscles. Overall had a great experience and few takeaways to implement in the coming months. Totally recommend.”

“My main goal when I started working with Kevin was to lose weight and get a workout program I could actually follow. As a busy mom, I was a little worried about finding the time to go to the gym. To be honest, I thought I would not enjoy resistance training and would dread the workouts, but to my surprise, I found the workouts to be short and effective. I’m down 20 pounds and can navigate the gym much better! Kevin gave me so much great advice and guidance, and the tools he provided me with have made it possible to meet goals I’ve struggled with for years on my own.”

“After 12 weeks of coaching with Kevin I was able to lose body fat, increase muscle, and build healthy habits. He kept me focused on nutrition but made the process simple without over-stressing me about tracking and counting. I wasn’t sure if an online coach could really help me with my fitness training, and I wondered if the programming would really work, but Kevin spoke with me and explained everything thoroughly. The details and education he provided gave me the confidence I needed to execute the plan he set out for me. After seeing how much attention and effort he provides, I can say if a client is committed, then the results will be worth it!”

“When I first approached Kevin for online coaching, I had a few reservations about his qualifications and expertise. I also wasn’t sure if his approach could work with my particular personality. My main goals were to get jacked, put on weight, and become more consistent. We spoke over Skype and he explained to me about the researchers he follows and how his approach would work and allowed me to decide with no hard sell. During our time together, I learned more about nutrition, training psychology, how to pick myself back up when I fail to train or eat right, and what to do when I couldn’t gain weight anymore. I also learned how to deal with some of the eccentric OCD habits I have with regard to body image, gym anxiety, and failure. After having worked together, I feel like the “quality dial” on my life has been turned up!”

“I dropped 9 pounds over the 45-day program. I eat better, I’ve gained some muscle, and my clothes fit better!”

“I went into this challenge very out-of-shape coming from a recent heart surgery. I worried about keeping up with even the basic exercises, not to mention the more advanced. I knew I would have to make some adjustments. I hoped I would stick with it for the 45 days, but reality was not as difficult as my preconceived fears. Kevin provided a gentle curve to get with the program. My body seemed to cooperate nicely which was surprising. My top two goals were to lose weight and to develop better eating habits and I did that.”

“Since working with Kevin I’ve lost 13 pounds and over 4.5 inches off my waist. I went from not knowing my way around the gym to getting stronger and more fit than I have been in years. My goals when starting out were to lose weight and get fit, and since working with Kevin I’ve been able to make consistent progress in doing just that. At first I was nervous share my struggles with weight with someone else, but Kevin always acted professionally and in a totally nonjudgmental way.”

“I started working with Kevin to help me improve my core strength and get faster movement for table tennis. I really liked the fitness sessions (especially the resistance band and wall ball movements). After only a few weeks of training, I seem to be moving faster (improved footwork) and I feel the training has definitely helped to improve my game!”

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