The 45-Day Challenge

Welcome to the 45-Day Challenge application page! My name is Kevin Finn and I'm here to teach you how to get fit, get strong, and look the part.

I’ve worked with everyone from “average joes” to CEOs, and I can tell you one thing for certain…

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can absolutely attain the results you’re looking for.

​Keep reading to find out if you’d be a good fit for my program!

Who is The 45-Day Challenge for?

This fully-remote, online challenge is for busy working parents / professionals who want to lose weight and get fit without needing to quit their day job to make it happen.

In The 45-Day Challenge you will follow a carefully designed training program and flexible diet with coaching support along the way to keep you motivated and on track.

The 45-Day Challenge is for People Who Want To...


*The 45-Day Challenge can be done without access to a gym, but to make it maximally effective, you should have access to a medium-heavy dumbbell and some light to medium thickness resistance training bands.

*For the dumbbell, “medium-heavy” would be something you could only lift for around 8-10 reps when performing a floor press and/or a dumbbell row

Sustainable Weight Loss in 45 Days

 “I dropped 9 pounds over the 45-day program. I eat better, I’ve gained some muscle, and my clothes fit better!”

I went into this challenge very out-of-shape coming from a recent heart surgery. I worried about keeping up with even the basic exercises, not to mention the more advanced. I knew I would have to make some adjustments. I hoped I would stick with it for the 45 days, but reality was not as difficult as my preconceived fears. Kevin provided a gentle curve to get with the program. My body seemed to cooperate nicely which was surprising. My top two goals were to lose weight and to develop better eating habits and I did that.

​- Jose

What's Included

6-Week Training Program

Excel Spreadsheet with a carefully tested training program designed to help you achieve that "lean and fit" look.

Fat Loss Manual

A short PDF with key lifestyle modifications to boost your results and support your training.

Weekly Check-Ins

Coaching support via weekly check-ins to keep you accountable and address any issues / concerns.

What's the Cost?

The full cost for The 45-Day Challenge is $149.

I have offered this challenge for free in the past, but the participants don’t do nearly as well…

As you can see, 91% of the participants who pay, finish the 45-Day Challenge and stick around to the end. They put in the work and they get incredible results.

As for those who join for free…only 15% finish.

No one respects free.

The requirement for you to put up a little money to sponsor yourself in this challenge is a litmus test.

If you are unwilling to put a little skin in the game, you’re most likely not really serious about losing weight right now.

​And that’s okay! I’m not here for the hard sell. The only way any weight loss endeavor is going to be successful is if you are truly ready to take action and make a change.

So…are you ready?

If so, click the big green button below!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is my success. I’m not out to make a quick buck here, I truly want to put you in the best position possible to reach your goals. If you are unsatisfied with the challenge in any way, simply let me know and I’ll refund your intake fee in full (even if the challenge isn’t over yet).

Here's What Others Are Saying About The 45-Day Challenge

“Commitment and participation in The 45-Day Challenge has been very beneficial for me. Kevin has developed a plan via extensive research and documentation plus he provides encouragement, coaching and suggestions to fit your lifestyle . I could visually see body changes and appreciate these changes and not rely solely on the scale, even though I did lose pounds. Finally, counting calories on this plan isn’t a necessity, and desserts/indulgences ARE allowed–YEAH !! This plan requires commitment, you will not be disappointed, and most of all its DOABLE–try it! Fitness Walkthrough = weight loss success.”



“I finished the 45-day Challenge down 7 pounds plus inches off my measurements! I feel better about turning 50, and I’ve maintained much better eating habits. My goal was to lose weight and feel better about myself and I think I achieved that! In the past, I would continually invest in my weight loss and continue to lose money. I was afraid this would be another wasted investment, but The fact that EVEN if I did not adhere to all the specifications of the challenges and all I had to do is check in, allowed me to relax and give it a try. I’m glad I did. I finished successfully and I’ll be going through the program again on my own!”



“At first I was concerned this challenge might have too difficult exercises and that it might just be a quick but temporary weight loss program, but there was pretty good flexibility with the exercise program that I could fit to my needs, and I feel I’ve developed a better pattern of eating and exercise that I can continue. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far and an inch off my waist. I’m in better shape, I’m eating healthier, and I understand more how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”


Sarah Peters

“I grew up thinking that losing weight is the HARDEST most impossible thing, so seeing progress after joining this challenge made me feel like it wasn’t impossible! I’ve lost 5 pounds and learned so much. Kevin debunked several myths about dieting for me. I know now that results take some time, so I’m going to stick with exercises until I see results, instead of expecting to see a change THAT day (or the next). I found I’m full faster now, and I think most importantly I’m going to keep up the exercises, give myself training goals, and watch my food waaay more than I did prior to starting this.”


Caroline B.

​”I entered the 45-day Challenge with the goal of losing weight and improving my health. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought the program would be too intense. I thought I simply wouldn’t have the time, but each week, the plans sent were very detailed and offered modifications to help me fit it into my busy schedule. By the end of the challenge, even though I’d missed workouts here and there, I still lost 10 inches overall and am down 4 pounds! I really loved all the training and nutrition tips, and I plan on restarting the the training from the beginning to continue getting results!”


Jeanine Caplan

​”I did the 45-day Challenge along with some coworkers in order to get in better shape for the summer. I wasn’t sure how strict the challenge would be, and I didn’t want to set a negative tone for the group if I didn’t follow the suggestions, but Kevin was very responsive to any questions I had and gave the challenge a more relaxed tone while still giving suggestions on how to stay involved even if people were not following the challenge exactly. By the end of the challenge I gained a more clear understanding of my actual eating and exercise habits. I learned strategies for planning meals and how different foods affect a diet.”


Sally J.

“I felt this was a great program that enables one to learn lifestyle changes. The steps allowed me to accomplish changes gradually and seamlessly. I wanted to lose weight and become healthier and stronger, and I’ve definitely done that! My measurements are down and my clothes are fitting better. I appreciated all the emails, guidance, and challenges presented. I plan on keeping up the challenge throughout the summer and making the exercise circuits more routine!”



“I signed up for the 45-day Challenge to help me lose weight and improve my health. I really liked how it was easy to modify the targets for any dietary and physical restraints without losing the effects of the challenge. I wondered if I’d be able to stay motivated through email only, but the consistent email updates and challenges each week were very helpful! Overall, I lost 4 pounds and my waist size is down as well.”


Are You Ready?

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